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It is no secret that fire protection products/systems and building material must be tested and certified before introduction to market. To us, that is our expertise.

Yet the reality is that most companies face challenges to navigate fire codes, standards and building regulations and don’t optimize their resources to meet fire safety requirements to ensure best positioning in the market ̶ that’s where we come in.

We facilitate market access to companies, guarantee products or materials integrity and accelerate project development in the construction sector. We analyse, certify and test in Dubai according to most relevant international and national standards for your business.

And you do not have to delay your project to get there.

Trusted by leading multinational corporations, start-ups, SMBs, government entities, architects and more

Ensuring a safer and sustainable future together

Our multi-disciplinary fire protection experts are ready to help.

Behind successful fire protection products, systems or materials are efficient and robust Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) processes. To us, that’s our DNA. We ensure safety, integrity, and quality of your passive or active fire protection systems through conformity assessment and assurance. We provide conformity assessment for passive and active fire protection systems and devices such as load-bearing elements, facade, fire rated doors, cables, fire detection and alarms systems, fire extinguishers and fire pumps to name a few.

Our expertise spans a broad range of fields to support you at any stage of your development. We work along your team to understand your requirements and provide you with the most relevant solutions to accelerate your access to market.

How it works
Reaction to Fire
Evaluating how your material or system responds to fire. We measure the contribution of your material or system to a fire to which it is exposed. We analyse the combustibility and ignitability of building materials or system to help you meet project requirement.
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Fire Resistance
Measuring the performance of your product in containing a fire and preventing it from spreading elsewhere. We test for fire-resistance rating of passive fire protection system, i.e. the duration for which it can withstand a standard fire resistance test.
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Façade Testing
Helping you understand the fire behaviour of a building façade based on the overall façade system’s performance and ensuring specified façade requirements are met.
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Fire Protection System Testing and Inspection
Assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of your fire detection, protection, and extinguishing systems and ensuring they are compliant through testing and inspection.
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Fire Doors Testing and Certification
Helping you meet expected fire rating and specified fire door requirements.
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Product Certification
Gain recognition and trust in the market by ensuring the performance of your product over its lifetime.
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When would you need us?

As a Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) entity, we cater to diverse range of industry sectors and a variety of standards and regulations, therefore, we play a critical role in all economic fields related to active and passive fire protection systems, façade.We take care of your quality and safety controls through conformity assessments with product certification, manufacturing site inspection and product testing. These are the services we offer to move your business forward.

Product Certification

Gain trust and recognition with our certificate

Fire Testing

Test your products according to international standards

Façade Performance

Assess the performance of your façade system


Maintain quality of your manufacturing process to reduce manufacturing cost and guarantee customer satisfaction

Certification Renewal

Renew your product certificate in a few clicks


Obtain your product labels online

Access to Market

Accelerate your entry to market with efficient approach


Understand the market fire protection requirements to accelerate your projects

Product Development

Test your product or system during its development process

Move your business forward.
Leverage fire safety expertise to deliver maximum value to your business and customers.

How do we add value?

Planning for certification and testing can be technically, logistically, and financially challenging. We keep up to date with fire protection regulations and standards and efficiently test and certify your product so that you stay focus on your core business and maintain your competitive edge.
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Let’s get started.

Distributors, Agents
Gain recognition and trust. Move your business forward.
Accelerating access to market through efficient conformity assessment.