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Our expertise covers many fields, but our purpose is driven by the community of businesses, architects, developers and individuals concerned about building safety, quality and sustainability for years to come.

We saw what happened to exceptional businesses, projects or products when they didn’t have access to the right expertise and resources— and we want to fix that to achieve together higher safety and better performing buildings meeting or exceeding code requirements at little or no additional cost.

One-stop solution for Testing, Certification and beyond.

ESL provides organizations all over the world with services and solutions for reducing risk, achieving compliance, accelerating market entry and driving sustainable growth.

We conduct conformity assessment, test and certify your product or system through independent evaluations to mitigate risk and improve performance and safety so you can succeed in the market.

We have decades of experience working with all types of businesses and we aggregate a wealth of expertise in Fire Safety applied to various industries such as Construction, Defense, Energy, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Data Communications and Maritime to name a few. We leverage our expertise and know-how to ensure your product or system is safe and complies with sector specific standards and regulations worldwide.

UAE Civil Defence

Both ESL Certification Body and Testing Laboratory are registered and approved by UAE Civil Defence for the provision of conformity assessment, certification, type testing and audit as per the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice requirements.

Our scope of certification and testing covers an extensive range of international, American, European or British standards applicable to numerous fields, such as:


Façade and exterior walls and exterior walls


Roof assemblies


Reaction to fire for internal building components and finishing materials


Fire resistance of construction products and buildings elements

+ 50

Fire pumps

+ 75

Fire alarm and detection systems

+ 60

Electrical cables and more

Welcome to ESL —where compliance, risk management, testing and certification have never been so easy.

Don’t get lost in translation. Get immediate access to the right certification specialists and testing resources —the ESL expertise that enables you to focus your business on what you do best while we take care of the rest.

Do I need certification or assessment to enter a selected market? What standards or specifications are required for my products? Which standards offer a competitive advantage? Where do I test my product? How to obtain Civil Defence product approval to sell my product? These are questions you may ask yourself when navigating regulatory and technical requirements which can be challenging, but at ESL, because we care for your business as much as you do, we endeavor to guide you at every step of the certification and testing processes so that you stay focus on your business development.

We put your needs at the heart of what we do, and we strive to provide you with tailored services, expert advice, latest regulation and standard updates to move your business forward. We provide testing and certification to EN, NFPA, ATSM, ANSI, UL, and BS standards to name a few.

We deploy and use all our technical and regulatory capabilities and resources to reach the best possible outcome which gives our clients the highest level of assurance that they get the most value of the test reports and certificates we provide them. Our clients see us as a go-to strategic partner for their growth.

Our expertise accessible at your fingertips
ESL offers you the comfort of accessing testing and certification services at any time, from anywhere in the world.

You can submit your certification, testing, or market request online in a few clicks.
We assess your product information, plan testing and all evaluation activities, and certify your product in the shortest possible time. And if you are seeking further support to navigate technical requirements, send us a request from the comfort of your computer screen and we will take care of it.
Why Choose ESL?

ESL empowers businesses with the tools to access markets and win customer confidence.

Extensive expertise & resources
We are passionate about product assessment, testing and certification, and highly trained technical, regulatory and business specialists with broad industry experience. We leverage our wealth of capabilities to support your projects at any stage of development: façade testing, reaction to fire, fire resistance, flame spread, etc. to help you succeed.
Always a step ahead
We stay ahead of the construction industry and fire safety development to help our clients make the right choices to grow their businesses when seeking to expand their market shares; research and develop fire performance of their products; or launch new products.
One-stop solution
Whether you are interested in testing or certifying your products, or you need help to navigate specific technical requirements, send us an online request. We are just a click away.
Responsive digital platform
where services are accessible at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
Fast access to market
Once your online request is submitted. We assess your product information, plan all conformity assessment activities, and certify your product in the shortest possible time.
ESL mark is recognized and trusted as a symbol of quality, safety and compliance to relevant fire safety standards. It proves to your customers and regulators that your product is reliable and further helps to gain market shares in a competitive market.
We go the extra mile
We care about your business as much as you do. Our work does not end until we reach the best possible outcome for your product. Our client-first ethos runs though all entities within ESL and is translated by our happy clients who continue to choose to work with us.
Cost efficient
Our capabilities in both testing and product certification allow us to provide you with comprehensive and cost-efficient conformity assessment solutions to meet your business needs.
We help you gain customer confidence by carrying out periodical and independent audit of manufacturing control conditions —which remains one of the most recognized and trusted means to confirm your products are continuously in conformity with applicable requirements.
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Accelerating access to market through efficient conformity assessment.