Your assurance to access markets and gain customer confidence.

Whether you design, manufacture or import a fire safety product or material, you need to ensure that it complies with fire safety standards and regulations to be able to sell it. Product Certification from ESL certifies that your product follows the regulations of the countries that you want to operate in. ESL takes the friction out of the product certification process, enabling you to get into the market faster.

Product certification process

Your material or product is only as good as the raw materials and manufacturing control conditions deployed to produce it. Certification process is conducted by an independent and competent third-party certification body and aims to attest that your product or material complies with the specified international standards —This is what ESL does.
As an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited Certification Body, we issue certification of conformity that assures you, your customers, and the regulatory authorities that your product or material is consistently produced to comply with relevant fire safety standards.

Our accreditation by the Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) means that we have been independently evaluated by a third-party conformity assessment body against internationally recognized standards and we operate with impartiality to the highest level of competence and quality performance. This gives you and your customers extra confidence in conformity assessment services we provide.

The certification process can be achieved online in four main steps:

You can request for product certification online in just a few clicks.
After completing and submitting your request form, we plan the evaluation activities.
Review & Evaluation
We ensure all objective product information is gathered, including technical specifications, design and construction documents for the preparation of the testing program, the execution of actual testing itself and the assessment of the manufacturing conditions.
When all data confirms product adheres to the fire safety standards, certification is granted followed by the issuance of the product certificate and selection of suitable method to apply the certification mark.
This step aims to ensure consistency and help you gain customer confidence. We conduct the relevant supervision activities plan factory inspection and supervision to ensure that the high standards met to achieve certification are maintained throughout the certification cycle.

Certification services

ESL specializes in worldwide certifications for fire protection and life safety products and certifies thousands of construction products and building elements with fire properties (fire resistance, reaction to fire, flame spread, etc.), along with smoke and heat control systems and cables to name a few.

Façade & exterior wall covering systems, including safety glazing
Fire performance of roof assembly & coverings from exterior fire exposure
Reaction to fire for internal building construction component/finishing materials and decorative combustible materials
Fire resistance of construction products and building elements, including safety glazing
Smoke and heat control systems
Cables (resistance to fire and circuit integrity)

Research for robust evaluation of exterior façades and building envelopes has been a priority worldwide over the years and the UAE approach has demonstrated good standards and comprehensive practices in façade safety assurance.

Certification from ESL complies with international standards and the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice (FLSCP) 2018 requirements for the classification, combustibility, surface burning and flame spread ratings of construction products including safety glazing requirements designed for specific application in the exterior façade covering of various building construction types.

Product certification covers:

Non-fire resistance rated and non-loadbearing exterior wall cladding material/system such as:

Metal Composite Panels (MCM), Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP), EIFS/ETICS, Sandwich panels, GRC/GRFC/GRP panels,Photovoltaic (PV) panels (as façade system to be installed on façade of any buildings)

Subcomponents like:

Insulation, Sealants, Gaskets, Backer rods, Vapour barriers, Cavity & Perimeter barriers, Safety glazing (for curtain wall and other non-loadbearing external wall with glazing)

Test/classification standards : EN, ANSI, ASTM, BS, CPSC, NFPA, UL, etc.

Market access

ESL covers a wide range of product certification standards under its umbrella, including construction products, smoke management systems, cables, and many more. This means that regardless of what market you are looking to enter, we can help you get there.

Product certification has never been so simple.

You can submit your request for certification online in a few clicks.
We assess your product information, plan all evaluation activities, and certify your product while you focus on your company’s core business.

Can ESL Product Certification provide the guarantees necessary?

In today’s competitive market where quality, performance and compliance to rigorous standards are critical, ESL Product Certification is invaluable to any business.
ESL product certification is recognized, respected, and trusted as a symbol of quality and safety and ESL certification mark confirms that the product adheres to relevant fire safety standards.
Displaying ESL Certification mark proves that your products are consistent and trustworthy, and your business is complying with its due diligence, operating cost-efficiently, and taking advantage of market opportunities.
Our clients see us as a go-to strategic partner for efficient and effective certification of their products and materials.

Why customers choose us?

While certification helps all market players to work towards unified standards, ESL certification offers a series of benefits:

Maintain consistency
ESL certification helps optimize your capacity to manufacture quality product that are safe and meet specifications and customers’ requirements every time.
Establish trust & Win confidence
ESL mark on your products means safety, and helps you stand out in a competitive market. Customers associate ESL certified products with reliability and confidence.
Capture opportunities
Certified products are trusted by customers and therefore drive sales. With your ESL certification in hand, you can further maximize the potential of existing markets and enter new markets.
Ensure due diligence
ESL product certification is a proof that your products adhere to rules and relevant standards for quality.
Operate cost-efficiently
Our assessment of your manufacturing process and manufacturing control conditions allows your business to implement an efficient and effective management system which helps reduce cost by avoiding product recalls, and defect related issues in a long term.
ESL, your trusted partner through your certification process and beyond.