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We take the friction out of the conformity assessment activities including testing, enabling companies to effectively navigate fire safety requirements applied to their products or systems, and cost efficiently manage their testing needs.

When you are involved in a field that has a direct impact on public safety and welfare, you need to test your product or system and demonstrate conformity to specific fire safety standards. Testing is a critical part of the conformity assessment activities. Whether you need testing for your product certification process, for research and development, or for a prototype, ESL Testing Laboratory offers an extensive range of fire testing services for products, system assemblies and materials applied in many industries such as Buildings and Infrastructure, Life Safety and Security, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, etc.

We offer you our wealth of technical experience and expertise in fire testing performing laboratory and on-site testing for various manufacturing and process industries. And we work hard to help you through the testing and assessment of the evidence of compliance of your product against the applicable standards or specifications.

Our state-of the art testing facility and testing services are strategically set up for our clients to benefits in many ways:

Convenience of scheduling testing online;
Helping you assess regulations and codes and conducting tests that satisfy requirements of multiple set standards;
Cost effectively managing your testing requirements;
Providing extensive testing reports in support of ESL Product Certification scheme and various international certification schemes

Fire testing services

We test thousands of active and passive fire products and systems including façade, building elements and construction materials, electrical and electronic equipment and cables to relevant and mandatory national, European and international standards: EN, UL, NFPA, BS and ASTM to name a few.

We specialize in:

Reaction to fire testing
Internal finish products and materials
Fire resistance testing
Fire doors and shutters, walls and partitions (loaded and non-loaded), glazing and curtain walling, dampers (fire and/or smoke dampers), various ducts, penetration firestops,smoke barriers and ventilators, suspended ceilings, raised floors, penetration seals, intumescent paints, concrete and steel protection systems, beams, columns, horizontal loaded elements, etc.
Façade testing
Full scale test of complete façade assembly
Heat and smoke detector testing
Research and Development testing
One off and prototype testing

We work day-to-day to help you reach your objective by providing impartial technical assessment and a wide range of tests.

Testing has never been so easy

Submit your testing request online in a few clicks.

We assess your product information, help you with to cost effectively manage your testing needs, plan all testing activities, and issue your testing report while you focus on your company’s core business.

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