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At ESL, we believe that the path to certification should be simple and accessible, no matter the size or location of your business, to achieve greater building safety, quality and sustainability for years to come. We have listened to your needs and designed services to help you reach your end goals efficiently. Our approach to product assessment and compliance is straightforward and aims to move your business forward.

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All our employees have an important part to play in our pursuit of shaping safer and sustainable cities with our clients. Regardless of our role within our organization, we are all driven by the community’s concerns about building safety.

Every day we endeavor to serve our clients with dedication and commitment of using all our technical resources, expertise in conformity assessment and fire safety, and decades of experience in multiple industries to reach the best possible outcome. We strive to ensure that their products adhere to the related safety standards and by doing so, they have peace of mind that they contribute towards sustainable businesses and practices.

Additionally, we are constantly finding new ways to make it more convenient for you to certify or test your products with us. ESL Portal makes it easier for you to request services, submit your documents in a secure and quick way, follow up the progress and keep an eye on your service transactions whenever you please. Our digital service is free and available to you 24/7. Simply log in, select the relevant service your need from our range of services, and complete your product information.

Ways to certify and test with us

Explore the different ways you can test, certify, and gain with us.

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Today more than ever, we stay connected with our clients by offering premium access to our digital platform where they conveniently request services, manage certificates and testing updates.

Our processes are straightforward:

You can request for testing and product certification online in just a few clicks. Wherever you are, you can fill out your product information, upload documents and submit your request on our website or portal.
Review & Evaluation
We ensure all objective product information is gathered for the preparation of the evaluation activities, testing program, the actual tests and the assessment of the manufacturing conditions.
When testing is requested for certification purposes, a specimen is sampled by the Certification Body from production and sent to the Lab for testing. Else, you can directly send your product to the testing Lab if you need a technical test for product development (R&D).
Factory Audit
Following the test results’ confirmation that specimen complies with fire safety standards, a factory audit is performed.
When all data demonstrate product compliance, the certificate is granted along with the approval to apply the certification mark. And the Certificate is published.
To ensure consistency and help you gain customer confidence, we conduct the relevant supervision activities to confirm that the high standards met to achieve certification are maintained throughout the certification cycle.

Your complete market access solutions

Whether you are looking for certificate of conformity, technical evaluation, type testing, Civil Defence approval, or clarity on market requirements, we offer an effective approach to product assessment and compliance that will boost your business forward. We understand the market challenges businesses may face so we developed processes enabling them to keep doing what they do best. Our clients see us as a go-to expert in façade testing, fire resistance, reaction to fire, etc. They can focus on the development of their businesses while they rely on our certification, testing and audit know-how to get the best possible outcome and enter the market in the shortest possible time.

Reaction to Fire

Reaction to fire of internal building construction components/finishing materials and decorative combustible materials.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance of construction products and building elements, including safety glazing


Façade and exterior wall covering systems, including safety glazing.

Control Systems

Smoke and heat control systems.

Fire properties

Fire properties of products or systems used in construction works fire resistance, reaction to fire, flame spread, etc.

Cables Resistance

Cables Resistance to fire and circuit integrity

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