Why is Third-Party Certification for passive fire protection products so important?

Why is Third-Party Certification for passive fire protection products so important?

Third-party certification plays a vital role in assuring the safety of people and providing property loss protection. It ensures trusted and reliable passive fire protection products are detailed, selected, installed and applied during construction and in buildings to keep us all safe.


CABs base their technical decisions and certificates on accredited third-party testing laboratories’ test evidence that provides accurate and unbiased evaluations of a product's performance based on established standards and testing protocols.


Third-party certification benefits manufacturers of passive fire protection products by gaining credibility achieved from third-party certification, which, in intern, facilitates greater market recognition, making it easier to access different geographic markets and efficiently comply with local and international prescribed regulations and requirements.


Builders, contractors, and consultants who are responsible for designing, constructing and confirming building compliance to the regulators and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) prescribed requirements can self-assuredly specify and install products and systems that have been certified by a recognised and approved third-party certification conformity assessment body (CAB) to meet their professional regulatory obligations. Selecting certified products and correctly installing (applying) these products following the third-party listing guidance, technical documents, and published detail demonstrates that you care about the welfare and safety of people who occupy buildings and that the highest level of property protection and risk mitigation has been adopted and implemented. This assures minimal risk for insurers and future property owners who purchase and occupy the building.



ESL is an accredited third-party certification conformity assessment body (CAB) that can help manufacturers with fire testing and product certification. Various international accreditation organisations, which are signature to IAF-MLA, accredit ESL Certification, and our certification is recognised globally. ESL Laboratory is accredited by multiple international accreditation organisations, which are signature to ILAC-MRA, and our third-party testing scope of services includes fire resistance (FR) testing, reaction to fire (RtF) testing, and intermediate and large-scale propagation of fire testing, fire pump testing, detector and fire alarm panel testing. Soon we will be adding various suppression system test methods.


When testing and certifying with ESL, manufacturers can rest assured that their products meet the prescribed standards and regulatory requirements. Manufacturers can also access ESL’s market entry services for the product registration of materials, products, and systems with the various regional authorities and Civil Defence Departments. This provides manufacturers who choose ESL a competitive advantage and increases market opportunities.


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